If you are here, it must be no accident, so please sit at my humble doorstep and let me introduce myself.

 I am Marli. 
I'm 43 years old but feel like 20 :)
I'm from Poland, living in the Netherlands.

I am an instrument of higher power that reveals the beauty of the soul.
I help women's to see their secret of femininity.
From 2023 I started photographing weddings, because LOVE and Femininity are a beautiful value that is worth combining.

 My adventure with photography began about 10 years ago, during my first discoveries about our own subject, then we intuitively chose each other. In the meantime, I went through my own powerful transformation of myself. 

There is no more beautiful feeling than inner freedom, the feeling of being fully myself and realizing myself and doing...What you love. I understood that the purpose of life is to develop my individuality, to express my own nature. 

I have always felt people more...in combination with photography, I create a kind of whole, which in effect shows the photographed person his own interior and exterior which she forgot or lost faith that is special - exceptional. Photography allows me to create an artistic dimension, gives me the opportunity to contact other people "eye to eye" and constantly, constantly fills me with joy. And it is not really related to technology but to feeling . 

Arousing emotions and perpetuating the beauty that decorates our interiors and enriches us...this is my focus through which I look in the lens.

 With Love,
 Marli ♥


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