I would like to raise an important topic regarding photo sessions, directed mainly at women. I very often encounter inhibitions of various kinds in many women who have many doubts about themselves. You think you are not beautiful enough, ... You have stretch marks, cellulite, more or less kilos. You think you are not photogenic, you cannot pose. You admire photos of other women and at the same time you dream about a session for yourself. My dear ... wonderful women! Believe me... We are all perfect in our imperfections. We all have stories written in our hearts and our bodies. Blemishes, scars and the vastness of 'stories' ... All my photographic clients so far are women in all their glory - 'a story'. I do not photograph models from magazines or catwalks. I am looking for beauty and feminine subtlety in women. And every time I see it immediately. - I do not look for your "imperfections". I only show what's best in the pictures! This is my role. A photo session is nowadays one of the best ways to express yourself. It can also be a form of therapy with complexes that each of us women has. For me, as a photographer, it is something more, it is an artistic work that shows what a woman often does not see herself. Beauty, sensuality, beauty advantages but most of all the SOUL. I help you pose, together we set and create your vision of how you would like to see yourself. Your comfort comes first. All the ladies I was lucky enough to photograph, trusted me and trusted myself ... often with courage. Which in effect made you rediscover yourself. Thank you very much for that Do not be afraid to stand up to your full POWER and who you are with all your luggage. 💚 
Yours faithfully for your femininity.


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